Rules of the tournament

There is no age or level rating for the tournament. The tournament is intended for all players or teams.


Play time will be 2 x 15 min, running time without intermissions. In finals, the last 3 minutes will be effective playing time.

After the start of the series, series matches will be played.

The tournament is played according to IFF rules, but with some minor exceptions.


The teams are drawn into blocks with a random draw. Access to the next games will be determined after the initial rounds by blocks. Placement in the final games is primarily determined by points. Win 2 points. Tie 1 point. Loss 0 points. The following list of positions is followed at the tie points:

  • Points for match-tied teams.
  • Goal difference (+/-) of matches between teams in a steady state.
  • Paints done for match-tied teams.
  • Goal difference (+/-) of all initial matches
  • All goals made in the initial series

Matches do not qualify for timeouts, except for medal matches, where both teams have the opportunity to hold a 30-second timeout within the normal game time. In the matches where the winner has to be found, a penalty shoot-out contest with three shots will be performed in a straightforward manner. If after three shootout shots per team the situation is still tied, we will then move to the individual shooters. The same shooter can only be used after all the field players of the team have gone through a penalty shootout.

A player can represent only one team in the tournament.

One month before the tournament, the team must sent a completed list of their team players and staff to the tournament organizers. The list must include the participants name, date of birth and the role in the team. List can be modified after this only by the tournament organizers permission.

All the members of the team will get the tournament pass with its advantages.


Tournament jury has the obligation to ensure the smooth running of the tournament and compliance with the rules. Should there be some violations of the rules or improper conduct of the teams or individuals, the jury has the right to take away the team or the individual away from the tournament. This also includes the accommodations. The team is responsible for the responsible and good behavior of its members and supporters.

Team Leader

The team leader must be a person who is at least 18 years of age. The team leader is responsible for the team members’ activities and behaviour during the tournament days. The team leader must always be reachable for the tournament organizers and he / she is required to provide any information that may affect the completion of the tournament.


The tournament organizer has not assured the participants for damage. For this reason, insurance should be acquired by the teams. First-aid equipment is also the responsibility of the teams. The tournament organizer, however, ensures that first-aid people are always there to help with injured situations.


Teams have the right to object to the rules governing the matches. If the objection concerns the referee’s decision or his action, the objection must be notified to the Referee immediately upon end of the match. The objection must be sent to the organizer of the tournament in writing within 10 minutes of the end of the match. The objection fee is 100 €. The fee will be refunded if the objection is accepted. If the decision is rejected, the fee will not be returned. Jury’s decisions are final.

Retiring a match

If, after 5 minutes of the game, the team does not have a player in accordance with the rules, the team has been interpreted as giving up the match. The result of the match is the 0-5 loss of the retired team. If the situation is repeated in the following matches, the team has interpreted as out of the tournament.